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If you have a just came through Burger King and want to give MyBKexperience then you can just visit www.MyBKexperience.com. Burger king is an American hamburger restaurant. The company was founded in 1953. Burger king went through a lot of struggles in the beginning.

It didn’t have a lot of funds and it didn’t have proper advertisement. But now burger king is famous all around the world. It has outlets in different countries and is well known by its brand name BK.

Rate Your Experience at Burger King

You can rate your experience at burger king online. Fill out the simple form at the burger king survey website. Just add in your restaurant number and start the survey. It takes a few minutes to rate your experience. You can rate the service, food and environment. Also file complains if you experienced any It helps burger king to improve its faults.

You can rate your experience online at www.mybkexperience.com. When you wish to sign in, all you need to do is the following:

How to Rate Your Experience at Burger King

Keep your restaurant bill in your hand to rate your experience.

  • To rate your experience, start by click on the following link mybkexperience.com.
  • Now you will be required to burger king rate your experience page. To start the process you have to enter the restaurant number. This is mentioned at the top of your bill. It is a four digit code. When you have entered it click on “Next”.
  • Next you have to enter the survey number. Survey number is a 20 digit code, it is mentioned at the bottom of you bill. Now click on “Start”.
  • Now fill in your experience.

There are questions in the survey that you have to rate. The options are from highly satisfied to highly dissatisfy. Rate your answer. The questions are about your food and service. For example, temperature of your dish, cleanliness of staff, process of placing order, behavior of staff etc. you can rate your answer from one of the options given below.

Is Burger King Survey Satisfactory

Burger king is very satisfactory. Burge king specially made a separate website to get user experience. Burger king take user response very seriously. It provides as a medium for further improvement. Burger king encourages its customers to give feedback. BK offers gifts in return of customer’s survey like one time discount or gift coupons.

Burger King Customer Contact Service

You can contact burger king customer service in case you have further questions or complaints. You can contact from 7am to 11 pm local time.

Customer service:  1-866-394-2493