TELLTHEBELL – Checking and Enter Taco Bell Survey TO Win $500

All the members can get a chance to win $500 TELLTHEBELL with the help of Taco Bell. Taco bell is an American fast food restaurant which is offering giving a chance to win $500 through Tellthebell. It is famous for its Mexican foods like taco, nachos, burritos etc. It was first opened in 1946 as a hot dog stand under the name bell’s drive.

Now taco bell is a chain restaurant with over 7000 outlets. 80% of these outlets are independent licensees. Taco bell serves over 2 billion customers each year. It keeps their customers comfort above everything else. That is why taco bell has launched “tell the bell”.

TELLTHEBELL from Taco Bell

Tell the bell is a website launched by taco bell for its customers to give a short survey on their experience with taco bell.  You can enjoy your favorite meal at taco bell and then give a short survey and get a chance to win $500. Taco bell welcomes its customers to give feedback on their service freely so they can improve their service quality.

If you want to enter the survey just click on the link and give your survey to get a chance to win $500.

How to Give Your Survey to Win $500

You can give your survey on taco bell in few minutes. Just visit your nearest taco bell and enjoy your meal. Now take your recite and click on the link to start your survey.

  • Click on the link
  • Now enter your survey code to start your survey. It is a 16 digit code and it is mentioned on the top of your bill. Enter this code and click on start.
  • You will see your survey questions now. Start to fill out this survey and you will automatically enter to win $500.

If You Don’t Have Your Survey Code

In case you don’t have a survey code on your bill then click on the link below to give your survey.

Now enter your store number, date and time of order. All this information is mentioned on the top of your bill as well.

What Type Of Questions Are In The Survey?

They survey consist of simple questions like how was your food, how was the survey, how was the cleanliness, how was the temperature of your food etc. the answer consist of 6 options which ranges from satisfied to dissatisfied. You can select one of the options that fit your experience. Once you are done click on submit.

You can use this surrey to register complains as well. Just select dissatisfied on the question you have complain about and it will be registered.

Customer Contact Service 

If you have any more issues in TELLTHEBELL then contact taco bell head quarter at: 1-800-822-6235