– Complete Guide for My Prepaid Center

All Debit Card holders should be knowing about to superintend their balance using web service. Before login, set up your username and password. When you have successfully created an account, you can administer your finances online.

All the prepaid credit card users can shop all over America with any of the mentioned i.e. Mastercard, American Express, Visa. All of these /credit cards are accepted all over the US. – What is My Prepaid Center

My Prepaid Center is owned and being administered by Black Hawk Engagement Solutions, which itself is held by Blackhawk Network Holdings. The company is known for facilitating the US credit card users with digital prepaid/postpaid card products. It has more than 180,000 locations covering US.

The mentioned company is famous for its provision of prepaid Credit Cards, gift cards, Airtime Cards, telecom handsets and reusable cards. The My Prepaid Center has a growing network of distribution partners including monetary facilitation’s, leading retailers, mobile wallets and social smartphone apps.

How to activate My prepaid center card?

Follow the below-listed tutorial to begin:

  • If already applied for the card, check your mail.
  • You will have in your mail the prepaid credit card.
  • Now visit, to create an online account.
  • When on the login page you will see the logging-in option and Activate Credit Card option.
  • If you need to activate your credit card, list your credit card number, expiration date, and the provided security code.
  • After listing all your information, you will create your username and passcode.


To create a profile

  • Now Visit
  • List your personal information.
  • Select a security question you want to answer.
  • Select the language you prefer either Espanola or English.
  • At the end Click Create Profile.


My prepaid Card Login

  • Visit the main website i.e.
  • When launched the site, there will be provided a link to login.
  • List the username and then passcode.
  • At the end tap the login button, now you have accessed your account.


My Prepaid Center Online Account extras

Once you have successfully made an online account you will have following advantages to avail:

  • You have now access to elaborated account information and withdrawals made from your prepaid card.
  • You can request an electronic statement of your monthly purchase.
  • You can now detect ATMs near your residence.
  • You will be able to augment your security measures by signing in for SMS alert.
  • Once created the account you now have promotional offers to advantage.
  • You are now in for using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) feature which prevents the account from any kind of money mishandling.
  • If something pings you, you can call the customer service office by launching Contact Us page.