How to Apply Pre-qualified for Walmart credit card

If you have applied for Walmart credit card, you will be notified via email. The email will indicate you as a pre-qualified Walmart credit card holder. use this website to apply for the Walmart credit card In the email, you have received is a guide, guiding you how to further the process to get a Walmart credit card. There is an applicated attached to the email, fill it and submit. Beware of the deadline! – Applying for Walmart credit card

Follow this compendia tutorial to avail this unique opportunity:

  • Apply online by visiting the stated site.
  • List the number you have been given, it is your prequalified acceptance number.
  • Make sure that this number is composed of 11 digits.
  • When you are done with listing all your credentials, you will get an offer to receive the Walmart credit cards.
  • Wait! This does not end here, you need to provide your personal information.
  • After providing your personal information, you will get all the information about a credit card.
  • Now you have your Walmart credit card a few minutes away.

Walmart Credit Cards

Walmart has launched two types of the credit card. Walmart Preferred customer credit card and Walmart Master Card. Former is for shopping at Walmart only and the latter one can be used anywhere a sit is a MasterCard.

Bird’s eye view on Walmart Credit Card benefits

Walmart is oldest and greatest mall and it ensures its customers that they are important for them. It has a number of benefits for Walmart Card Holders and they are as follows:

  • Every company asks for membership fee but Walmart offers it for free. There are no annual membership fees when you are a member at Walmart.
  • Shop with your Walmart credit card at the gas pump and get exciting discounts.
  • Cash Withdrawal has been made easy by Walmart. Walmart Cardholders can get $100 transacted at any Walmart branch.
  • Card bearers will get a free FICO score when they sign up for statements.
  • Your Walmart Card is protected from any scam.